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Karass Law Firm has helped its individual and corporate clients achieve success in and out of court. Whether the matter involved the acquisition of another business, the settlement of a negligence action, or the overturning of an erroneous guilty verdict, we were able to respond with an unparalleled level of service, efficiency, and results. In 2016, Karass Law brought on Enrolled Agent Edward A. Karass, MBA, CFE in order to expand its financial, investigative, and business services. Edward not only brings decades of experience to the Firm, but he carries the requisite certifications that permit him to perform specialized work that is integral to our ability to provide accurate advice.

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John M. Karass, Esq.

From working as a Magistrate Judge in Virginia, to opening Karass Law Firm PLLC in Idaho in 2013, John has represented individuals and businesses across the nation in a variety of complex criminal, appellate, and civil actions. Since founding Karass Law Firm,  John has successfully represented local businesses, including several construction, insurance, and healthcare companies, and individuals in the civil, criminal, and appellate court.  John has a measured demeanor in the face of adversity and relies on a hands-on approach to resolve his clients' matters.

Appellate, Business, Contract, Criminal, Personal Injury, Probate Attorney John M. Karass, Esq


  • Idaho

  • Virginia

  • Maine

  • Washington, D.C.


  • Idaho Trial Lawyers

  • Idaho Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • Idaho Volunteer Lawyers' Project

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association

  • American Bar Association


  • Maine Law, JD,2008

  • Bates College, BA, 2005

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Edward Karass, MBA, EA, CFE

From working as a Chief Financial Officer for the State of Maine to serving as the Treasurer for Middleton, Idaho Edward has spent the past four decades working at the highest levels of state and local governments. In addition to his government service, Edward has also spent significant time working in the corporate world as a Chief Executive Officer for several companies in New England. Lastly, Edward is an Enrolled Agent that is licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, as well as a Certified Fraud Examiner that is qualified to perform audits and testify as an expert in state, federal, and tax courts.


  • Enrolled Agent

  • Certified Fraud Examiner


  • Tax Advisors

  • Tax Practice

  • Fraud Examiners

  • Executive Institute


  • New Hampshire College, MBA, 1988

  • Southern Maine, BA, 1974

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