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Legal counsel for the most complex problems and the most adversarial litigation.



Karass Law is prepared to take on each aspect of appellate and post-conviction review work. From gathering the pertinent facts and evidence, to the writing of the briefs and petitions, we have and remain capable of assisting clients in need of affirming or overturning a judgment.


Contracts are a necessary evil. Well drafted contracts ensure that your best interests are looked protected, while poorly drafted contacts result in discord, lost profits, and lawsuits. Allow Karass Law to review your personal and corporate contractual agreements prior to signing them on the dotted line.


Idaho is one of the few states in the nation that require the probate of its deceaseds' estates. Karass Law has handled a diverse number of estates, large and small, which have required careful analysis of how Idaho's jurisprudence and the U.S. Tax Code affected our clients' legal interests objectives.


Not only does Karass Law handle negligence cases that arise out in everyday life, but we also represent clients who have been damaged by medical and legal malpractice. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, Karass Law Firm handles all negligence cases with the care they deserve.




Success in the business world begins with competent corporate counsel. Karass Law has the experience and foresight to protect businesses from engaging in policy that may run afoul of Idaho's civil or criminal code. Undoubtedly, an ounce of prevention is priceless for those seeking to avoid litigation.




Zealous advocacy and informed counsel are the cornerstones of Karass Law's approach to representing individuals and corporations that have been accused of criminal activity. It does not matter what you have been accused of, we will work toward your securing your acquittal.

The importance of experience cannot be understated. Unlike knowledge, experience is not something that can be taught. Rather, experience is earned. Karass Law's experience in the following six areas of practice results from the vastness and intensity of the cases that it has litigated and settled, in and out of the courtroom, on behalf of its individual and corporate clients. Consequently, complexity and conflict have not only become second nature to us, but they have also become our seventh and eighth areas of practice. Contact us today to see how we can put our experience to work for you.

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